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Give yourself a luxurious spa treatment at home with our natural powder peel-off rubber face masks. Use our gentle peel-off rubber clay mask twice or thrice a week to ensure that your face is clean and detoxified. Our range of 2X Sooth and Hydrate and 3X Purify Mattify Clarify anti-pollution natural peel-off rubber clay face masks help deep clean skin by unclogging pores, eliminating excess oil, and soothing skin. The clay in the masks calms down the senses as the mask tightens around the skin. Rolling it off in one go is a greatly satisfying and rewarding experience as your skin feels firm, soft, supple, and satiated. For normal, dry, or sensitive skin use our 2X Sooth and Hydrate Peel-off Rubber Mask with the goodness of aloe vera and green tea extract, Vitamin B5, and Lavender Essential oil. For oily and acne-prone skin, buy our 3X Purify Mattify Clarify Peel-off Rubber Mask with activated charcoal, Coffee & Gotu Kola extracts and Tea Tree Oil that clears skin.