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Maskne Skin Care Products | 2 Best Products To Prevent Maskne

What is Maskne?

Maskne i.e. mask acne is the acne that develops around your jaw line and cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and your chin because of wearing a mask for too long. Unfortunately, it is quite real these days and during these challenging times. After wearing a mask for long periods of time every day, feeling suffocated and sweaty is a daily occurrence for most. This stickiness gets worse in areas that are very hot and humid. Wearing a mask has become a necessary evil – even though it leaves your skin oily, you need to wear it in order to protect yourself and others. In order to help you battle maskne, we have put together a list of natural maskne skincare tips and maskne products.  


What causes maskne

What Causes Maskne? 

Maskne is caused by the constant friction between mask and skin, humidity, and heat. Masks serve the purpose of preventing droplets of saliva from being emitted but that means that they trap these and sweat inside. Talking, breathing, and sweating create a moist environment where bacteria that cause acne flourish and grow. Since the mask touches the skin very closely, the skin doesn’t get much air to breathe – causing clogged pores that make the skin acne-prone. Bad breath further helps the bacteria thrive.

Tight fitting masks that are worn for a long period of time can cause maskne or worsen acne for people who already have it. In order to avoid this, following maskne skincare may help in easing the look of acne. It doesn’t matter if you have perfect pore less skin - maskne affects every person who has to wear a mask for a considerable amount of time. Here are a few tips for maskne as well as a list of maskne products that help to avoid and ease maskne.  


How to prevent maskne

How To Prevent Maskne?


Wash Your Mask Frequently

    When you spend hours wearing a mask, be it going to the office dealing with people or going for grocery shopping after standing in a long queue, the acne-forming bacteria finds an environment to grow in because the mask traps moisture. If you wear the same mask over and over again, your skin will be more likely to be prone to maskne. So, if you use a disposable mask, it is advisable to change it frequently at least on a daily basis.

      Use A 100% Cotton Mask To Allow The Skin To Breathe 

        It is ideal to use a 100 percent cotton mask as it allows your skin to breathe and the fabric is gentle on your skin. Ensure that you use a gentle fragrance-free fabric detergent as the skin can be more sensitive due to constant use of face mask and can get easily irritated with the chemical compounds of synthetic fragrance. Give your face some time to breathe by taking off your mask for shorter intervals of time while you are in your car.

          Cleanse Your Face 

            Another way to let your skin breathe is by keeping it clean. Wash your face with a natural gentle face cleanser before and after you wear a mask. This will ensure that the oil does not get accumulated. If you have particularly oily skin, look for salicylic acid in the list of your product ingredients – it will help in deep cleansing your pores so that your skin doesn’t develop acne.


              It is a common misconception that you need to let the acne dry. However, it only leads to more breakouts. Reduce the friction between your skin and your mask by moisturizing your face. A moisturizer even helps in improving your skin’s protective barrier – which means that the oil will have to fight even harder to block your pores.
                Take A Break From Applying Make-up On Mask-Covered skin

                Take A Break From Applying Make-up On Mask-Covered skin

                  Wearing makeup may clog skin pores, worsening the maskne. It will also soil the mask that you are wearing. Moreover, since the mask will not show the lower half of your face, it’s the perfect opportunity to enhance your eyes using eye-makeup. Ditch the foundation! 


                    Use Less Skincare Products That Aren’t Harsh On Skin 

                      Adapt a minimalistic skincare Masks increase the absorption of skincare products and if you want to prevent clogging, less skin products with natural ingredients can go a long way. Too many products can hence cause a build-up, clogging the pores. Toners might contain alcohol that leaves the skin irritated, making it even more prone to chafing. It is advisable to go easy on skin exfoliation and toning to avoid excess irritation. Be mindful of the quantity and quality of the products you use.

                        Look For These Ingredients In Your Maskne Products

                        Aloe Vera is a herbal ingredient that you should be looking for when picking products for you maskne skincare routine. It hydrates your skin to soothe the friction between your face and the mask. Diatomaceous clay is excellent in cleaning pores and adding vitality to the exhausted and dry skin underneath the mask. This coupled with vitamin B5 that moisturizes the skin can work wonders in reducing the look of acne. For excessively oily skin, charcoal is the perfect ingredient that absorbs all the oil in order give the matt look people with oily skin always dream of achieving. Tea tree essential oil is also a great natural option to unclog and minimize pores that effectively eases acne.


                          Best Products To Prevent Maskne

                          Best Maskne Skincare Products To Treat And Prevent Maskne

                          Applying a natural face mask for acne is the best acne treatment that you can give yourself. Masks that are a combination of the acne-reducing ingredients listed in this article that also matches your skin type are a great way to get rid of maskne while pampering yourself.  


                          1. 2X Sooth and Hydrate Peel-off rubber Masque | Natural Face Mask – Culte Skincare’s natural aloe Vera face mask for acne scars combines the goodness of aloe Vera, diatomaceous clay, and vitamin B5 that work together to give clean, supple, and maskne free skin. It soothes, refreshes, and cleanses your skin to make it look fresh and youthful.
                          1. 3X Purify Mattify Clarify Peel-off Rubber Masque | Natural Face Mask – This natural face mask for acne by Culte Skincare is meant specifically for people with oily and acne-prone skin. Charcoal and tea tree essential oils are highly effective and thoroughly clean the pores and absorb all the excess oil. It will leave your skin clear, matt, and oil-free so that masks don’t give your skin acne even after wearing them for long.



                          Considering the nature of the crisis we are in, it doesn’t seem that we will be able to get rid of masks anytime soon. This means that the problem of maskne is here to stay as well. You can’t avoid wearing a mask, but you can surely avoid maskne by following the maskne skincare tips. If the problem persists, the cause of your acne might be something other than wearing a mask like stress or diet issues. In such a case, it is advisable to go see a dermatologist to guide you with it.  



                          Should I wash my face or apply a face mask first?

                          Wash your face first to remove any dirt or makeup residues. Cleansing your skin will make sure that the ingredients in the face mask seep in well, making the process more effective.  

                          Should I use a face mask if I have acne?

                          Use a face mask that has ingredients that get rid of excess oil and unclog pores like tea tree essential oil and charcoal. In fact, it is advisable to use such face masks for oily skin to reduce acne and get clear skin.

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