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Soothe your senses Lavender Luxury Natural Bath Salts | Epsom Salt Soak Pink Himalayan 450g

With Luxurious Flowers & Pure Essential Oils



Immerse yourself in our pink Himalayan salt bath, light a scented candle, and listen to a relaxing playlist. If you are looking for luxury bath salts in Australia our Natural bath soaks with luxurious flowers, pink Himalayan salt, Epsom salts, and pure essential oils are a perfect way to bring home the spa feeling.   Natural bath salts are also one of the best options for winding down at the end of a long day.

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Soothe your senses Lavender Bath Salts: Pamper yourself with our lavender bath salts with luxurious real lavender flower buds. The best lavender bath salts are the ones that leave you relaxed and refreshed after a long day! Our epsom salt and lavender oil bath salts are infused with a pure essential oil blend of Lavender with its soothing and calming smell. With our lavender epsom bath salts you can bring home the spa without even stepping out the comfort of your home. When looking for soothing bath salts, this one is hard to miss. Buy bath salts in Australia from us!

Our lemon, lavender, rose, and hemp bath salts make great gifts too!

We are one of a leading small business of natural bath soaks in Australia and we ship our natural bath salts Australia wide. Buy Epsom salts in Australia right here!

Put a handful of bath salts into warm bath and dissolve.

Soothe your senses Lavender Bath Salts: Magnesium Sulfate, Pink Himalayan Salt, Tapioca Starch,  Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flowers, Malva Sylvestris (Blue Mallow) Flowers, , Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil (Orange Sweet Oil), Citrus Reticulata Peel Oil (Mandarin Oil), Cedrus Atlantica Wood Oil (Cedarwood Oil), Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil (Rosemary Oil).

All Natural

Are epsom salts and bath salts the same thing?

Epsom salt is also known as magnesium sulfate. It’s a chemical compound made up of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. It gets its name from the town of Epsom in Surrey, England, where it was originally discovered. Despite its name, Epsom salt is a completely different compound than table salt and is unsuitable for ingestion. Epsom salt can be easily dissolved in warm bath water.

Bath salts are water-soluble, pulverized mineral salts that are added to water to be used for bathing. They are said to improve cleaning, enhance the enjoyment of bathing, and serve as a vehicle for cosmetic agents. Bath salts have been developed which mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs. Essential oils are often used to increase the users' enjoyment of the bathing experience. Bath salts can comprise of different types of salts including Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea salt, Sea salt, Dendritic Salt, Epsom Salt, etc.

So all Epsom salts are bath salts but not all bath salts contain Epsom salt.

How do you make lavender salt baths? Can you put lavender flowers in the bath?

We use the finest quality of Epsom salt and blend it with course and fine grades of pure grade Pink Himalayan salt. We then hand blend all these salts along with the best aromatherapy grade essential oil blend of Lavender essential oils with a hint of Sweet Orange, Mandarin and Cedarwood essential oils. These salts are then taken to a whole new level of luxury by adding the finest and the best quality dried whole Lavender buds and Blue Mallow flowers. The end result is an irresistible pack of dried flower bath salts that we call the Soothe Your Senses Lavender Bath Salts that smell divine!

Lavender flowers are very aromatic, and they maintain full aroma when in dry form. The flower buds are extremely light and fragrant. Dry lavender flowers have a gray/purple color. In terms of aromatherapy, the lavender scent is commonly used for relaxation. Lavender flowers are great for making face masks and bath bombs and can also be simply put into bath water for a spa like experience. 

Dry lavender flower buds contain vitamins and antioxidants that promote good skin health. It has soothing aroma and natural skin cleansing properties. Lavender also helps to soothe irritated skin and promotes collagen production. For evening bath rituals, a bit of dry Lavender flowers with luxury aromatherapy lavender bath salts with real flowers can leave you smelling great and feeling relaxed after a long day.

Can you add essential oils to Epsom salt baths?

When you’re not feeling your best, there’s nothing like sinking down into a warm, luxurious bath at the end of a long hard day. Combining essential oils and bath salts can take your relaxation to the next level! As the oil disperse in the warm water, you will get to enjoy the lovely aroma of essential oils as they soothe the body and enliven the senses - making your soak in the tub even more rejuvenating. The aromatherapy experience combined with a soak in warm water is heavenly!

We use highly absorbing starch powder made from tapioca which has micro little pockets in the particles that allow it to absorb and hold Essential Oils. It is water soluble whilst being able to hold and then disperse oil, and it contributes to water softness. While a tub full of warm water is fabulous on its own, bath time becomes a spa-like escape when you add Epsom salts and essential oils to the water. 

If you want a perfect relaxing spa experience in the comfort of your home, click here to read some tips!

What are the best bath salts for relaxation?

Our aromatherapy luxury epsom salt soaks can easily turn your tub into a spa-like experience.

Our pink Himalayan bath salts are gentle formulas with clean ingredients without using artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. Our bath salts soaks are paraben free, cruelty free and free from mineral oils. Think of our bath salts as mineral-rich salts that will help with skin softening, infused with essential oils and other botanical herbs and flowers. Our natural bath salts are made with only clean ingredients, including magnesium sulphate and Himalayan salt. Plant essential oils provide a subtle fragrance without chemical enhancers

Our luxury aromatherapy bath salts are made from magnesium sulfate (commonly known as Epsom salt) is rich in magnesium mineral, the mineral content of the Himalayan salt maintains the skin barrier to keep moisture locked in.  We have also added in essential oils for various aromatherapy benefits making these bath salts the perfect way to treat both your body and your mind. It’s what makes this soak smell oh-so-good, fresh and floral.

Recognized for its rich, mellow and floral scent with woody undertones, this refreshing, relaxing, and balancing aroma lavender essential has a variety of uses. Lavender essential oil promotes relaxation, improves mood and may also help promote sleep by helping you unwind. For a calm and restorative sleep set up a relaxing environment in the bathroom, light a candle and prepare a nice warm bath. For a soothing, relaxing bath use our Soothe your senses Lavender Aromatherapy Natural Bath Salts with Epsom salts for a relaxing bath.

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Soothe your senses Lavender Luxury Natural Bath Salts | Epsom Salt Soak Pink Himalayan 450g


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